Food I ate

Just a typical Father’s Day Bbq

Father’s Day!  The time for backyard basics like barbecue, ice cream and fruit.

Admittedly, the ice cream was earlier in the day.  We dragged my Polish husband to Polish Day at Landsdowne Park where we indulged at Bocatto in the Agriculture building.  Sweet, but not too heavy, I stuck with my zesty lemon flavour from yesterday while the husband did pistachio and the kids ranged from very berry, vanilla and mango.  Averaging around $5 each for single scoops, not the most affordable, but a special treat.

Our barbecues vary somewhat, but this time, my husband chose steak.  I don’t do steak, of course, so while my brood of carnivores chowed down on the poor, defenseless cow (purchased from AAA butcher on Uplands Drive), I had a veggie burger (Cardinal Vegetarian burger from Produce Depot) and portobello mushrooms seasoned with olive oil, Himalayan pink salt, garlic, oregano and feta cheese.  We also had a selection of vegetables cooked with seasoning and olive oil.

Sweet Castle was the source of the tiramisu my eldest daughter chose for her father.  Always a delightful treat, although I was less then enthusiastic about their service today.  (I’m probably too sensitive in this instance.  A man walked in after me, but was served before me.)

All in all, a very pleasant and typical backyard meal.

Food I ate

The Journey Begins

My husband is a pretty good gauge of character most of the time and he appreciates my opinions on some things.  After having posted several times on TripAdvisor, he encouraged me to try my hand at blogging.

My thoughts were, “If it encourages my husband to offer a date night, I’m in!”  🙂

For our first foray into the blogging life, we opted for a local venue – Colonnade Pizza on Bank Street in Ottawa.  For those of you unfamiliar with the location, the building was once a Burger King location and, although renovations both inside and out have improved the decor somewhat, it has never joined the upper echelons of fine dining.  The fare is mostly pizza and some basic Italian dishes.

My husband chose the 9” Mediterranean pizza (Bonus!  He ordered vegetarian too!) and I chose the Prima Vera fettuccine.  I will admit, we have eaten their vegetarian lasagna very recently and I was tempted by this tasty menu option.  However, tonight I wanted a few less carbohydrates than expected from the lasagna.  Truly, any pasta is going to push you over a low carb diet, but today was cheat day.

The food arrived quickly and my husband wasted no time in chowing down on his pizza.  Crunchy, but not overdone, with a lovely blend of artichokes, peppers, olives and cheese, the Mediterranean pizza is delicious and probably one of the best menu options.  I was a little less enthusiastic about my fettuccine.  The vegetables were the way I like them (crunchy and almost raw), but there were too few of them – almost an after thought by the chef.  Flavour was perhaps also a bit underwhelming.  As much as the flavour was not unpleasant, it was also a tad bland.  I tried adding the pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese, but I truly believe that the chef should at least put some effort into ensuring the food is flavourful without having to add extras.

As a finisher, my husband and I shared a lemon mousse cake.  The premise of this cake is thin layers of cake with lemon mousse interspersed between.  Although the overall cake was charming and light (vaguely resembling the flavour of lemon meringue pie), the actual cake was slightly dry and needing the mousse for moisture.

At just over $50 for the two of us (I drank water, my husband had beer), this was not a “cheap” dinner, it was more or less what I expected.  The service was polite and the food was palatable.  Always a reasonable option without going downtown.

We may go again sometime… 3.5/5

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton