Easter Sunday

After cooking the various dishes usually prepared for our Easter celebration, I ventured out of my home with two individual meals, meant to supply my eldest son and my sister. Telephone calls – via hands-free – were made with the approximate times I would arrive to distance deliver their meals. Hands were washed frequently. Food was sanitarily prepared and drop points were arranged. Front porch for my sister (East end) and driveway for my son (West end). A solitary car ride along the Queensway connected these two points.

It was strange as I read the glaring signs admonishing and warning travellers to “Stay home” and “Stop Covid-19” to note the isolation on the roads. At one point, I checked my rear-view mirror before shoulder checking to change lanes and had no cars behind. Anyone familiar with the Queensway – or in fact any highway – will note how peculiar and rare this experience is.

As quiet and solitary this trip was, I was aware that this was a short means for me to maintain my connectivity with loved ones outside of my home (I’ll be honest, I could use a little less connectivity with those still in my home!). We are all in this journey of uncertainty together. It may seem cliché to approach this pandemic with these oft-quoted words, but it is possibly the only means of preventing a slip down the slopes of solitude and depression. Stay connected. Stay confined. Stay safe. Happy Easter to those who celebrate and peace to everyone. Bi

Wipes and hand sanitizer.
Distance delivery and pick-up.