Strange times

In a world where social distancing seems to be prevalent, how could it be so difficult for people to actually distance themselves from one another? Social media highlights the standards that seem to exist… people not actually interacting, but insisting on spending time on Facebook , Instagram or other sites where you don’t actually have to spend real time with real people. How then is it possible for the current state of global affairs? The exponential increase in the number of confirmed cases of Covid19 would appear to disprove the fallacy that people are less social. Admittedly, it is challenging to spend copious amounts of time confined to your home. Normalcy involves freedom to interact with others. Whether we choose to do so or not is a different matter. The frustration sets in when you observe people trying hard to stop the widespread transmission of a global virus and then witness scenes of ignorant individuals partying in close proximity. It’s disheartening. On the other hand, all of us who are abiding by the current rules should remember that we can still reach out – through social media or (Gasp!) by telephone – to approach and contact those who have no one. Additionally, we can pass on our thanks to those essential workers who are diligently helping with services. Thank you.

By mom

Mother of four children in various stages of life, I’m a mixed bag of opinions and thoughts depending on my mood. Try not to be narrow-minded - suspect I’m more broad-minded than most of my kids! My belief is to keep on learning throughout your life and to be kind.

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