My Asian Addiction

I have been contemplating how to broach this particular subject, but the title really does apply. I am addicted to Asian dramas. I use the generic term “Asian” because it is not limited to one specific group, but to several: I’ve watched Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese and even a few of the more “colourful” such as Thai.

For the most part, I love the old-fashioned values and the focus on family and food. There is seldom an episode that does not revolve around preparing a home-made meal with fresh and appealing ingredients.

As a result of this fascination with other cultures and values, I have begun incorporating various cooking techniques and flavours into my food preparation. Breakfasts may include hommage to Bibimbap (Korean), adapted to my vegetarian needs, or Chinese egg crepes (with green onion, of course!). I have not yet attempted a sweet potato porridge, but I am only waiting for a decent recipe to find me.

Unforunately, I am forced to read the (usually) awful English translations provided as I watch these programs unfold. I have often been tempted to provide to the producers edited versions of the sometimes lacking dialogues. If only I could translate from the original, I believe I could greatly improve the viewing experience for other Anglophones who enjoy the Asian viewing experience! Alas, I will continue feeding my addiction to these lovely dramas filled with love, beauty, comedy -and food- until something else grabs my attention.

By mom

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