Happy Easter

Easter is a challenging time for a vegetarian married to a Polish man. There are many Polish traditions that include meat. One such tradition is the blessing of the food for Easter Sunday.

On the Saturday of Easter weekend, Polish families bring their baskets of food to be blessed – en masse – by the priest. Everyone packs their baskets with ham, sausage, bread, cakes, salt and eggs so that their morning meals will have been blessed. As noted, there isn’t much in the way of vegetarian food in the baskets. Another challenge is preventing the foods from touching. It wasn’t so bad when the kids were younger and separate baskets for each child were used, but this year, we only brought one.

I gingerly suggested to the kids to wrap the underneath of their meats with plastic wrap, to minimize contact with the eggs. We did not bring the “saƂatka” for blessing this year.

I know other families who are both vegetarian who don’t have this struggle, but trying to balance the tradition from my husband with consideration for my choice to be vegetarian is one of those tightropes I have been navigating for over twenty years now.