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Travelling on Keto

For the past week I have been at a conference in downtown Montreal. I was worried about finding keto-friendly, vegetarian options while planning my meals for the week. I did some planning in advance. (Knowing I could bring a few staples helped.) There were, however, unknown factors I didn’t know with certainty until I arrived.

I had hoped there would be a fridge and coffee maker (confirmed upon arrival), but couldn’t be sure if there would be a microwave in the room. (None in my room.). I also did not know how close the grocery store would be to where I am staying. The fridge and grocery store allowed me to stock up on healthy “snacks” that I could shape into meals. I did allow for a “cheat” night with my colleagues, but even then, my cheating was mostly limited to the nacho chips (with copious amounts of cheese) and sangria (only one!). The rest of the time, I had my lunch bag and assembled my food before leaving my room. This planning helped to keep me away from the starchy (read pastries and muffins!) that were offered occasionally during our breaks! I can’t promise that everyone will find a grocery store across from their hotels, but a little planning can certainly go a long way!