Keto concerns

Recently a family friend came to visit after being away for a few months. His story was that he had diabetes and had gained some weight. Over the summer he had asked what I was doing to lose weight and I indicated that I was “loosely” following the ketogenic diet.

As a responsible individual who was on insulin, our friend consulted with his doctor before beginning a stricter interpretation of keto than I. He was out of country when he first observed problems – sweats, light-headedness and general malaise.

A visit with Emergency doctors resulted in a reduction of his insulin. Still, the problems persisted. He is now entirely off the insulin and has now swung towards the hypoglycaemic side of the spectrum. He still adheres to the keto ( he has lost 34 lbs since he began!), but now needs to supplement his sugar to make sure he doesn’t collapse.

I guess the moral is to make sure with your doctor before you begin any strict diet change. It could save your life!

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Thanksgiving bird

I’ve mentioned before that I love animals. On Thanksgiving Monday, this was put to the test. Two of my daughters were heading to my son’s home with leftovers. We stopped by a friend to drop off cake when we spotted a seagull sitting by a sewer grill. It looked injured. We pulled over and were told by a neighbour that the bird had been hit.

We called the Ottawa Wild Bird Sanctuary and told to throw something over the gull’s head to calm him and to bring him to the sanctuary. This was not entirely an easy project, although we had a princess pillow case in the car. The same neighbour who had seen the car leave, provided us with a box to bring “Hope” (name given by my daughters along the way) to Moodie Drive.

A short drive and a small donation helped one seagull out of a nasty situation. We may not have gotten a picture of “our bird”, but we’re happy if this bird has a happier ending than many after being hit! Ottawa Wild Bird Centre does really great things in the community!

As an aside, my son did get his leftovers – just a little later than we had planned.

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Canadian Thanksgiving

This past weekend marked the occasion of Thanksgiving here in Canada. Many dishes are traditional and I do prepare a turkey for my non- vegetarian husband and kids. I also prepare an abundance of side dishes such as scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet potato mash, cowboy hotpot, vegetable pies, Brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce. Our selection of desserts included the traditional pumpkin pies and apple pies, along with the less traditional maple pumpkin cheesecake – delicious!

I have to commend this recipe – it is simple and almost foolproof. The maple cream is also worth making extra for use on other things like pancakes, apple pie, etc. Easy to prepare and astonishingly tasty! Anyhow, belated Thanksgiving wishes to all.