Dairy good!

Today, as the official last day of summer, seemed like a good day to try out a dairy bar I heard about recently. Merry Dairy is located on Fairmount in the heart of Westboro in Ottawa. Located in a converted old corner store, it has a very hip and youthful feel, with a lovely “hangout” feeling.

The decor is simple and clean, and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

As a bonus, they also have a truck which you can find using their app.

I had three of my kids with me today, and we stuck with ice cream . The flavours are very creamy and appetizing – I had a salted caramel ice cream in a salted corn cone, imported from Brooklyn, NY (along with the red velvet cones my son and one of my daughters chose.). Lovely flavour combination and fun colours!

For four cones (and two drinks), the total was less than $30. Reasonable pricing for a quality product.

They also do ice cream cakes, popsicles and sundaes.

Strongly recommend this gem to anyone in the area!

Check out their website:


Random feeding

Sorry to anyone who may actually read my thoughts that I’ve been absent a while. I had some technical issues which I hope are now resolved.

Sorry to anyone who reads my thoughts for my absence. I had some technical issues which -I hope – are resolved.

As many of you may suspect, as a vegetarian, my main reason for becoming was because of my love of animals. (Maybe not 100% for the more reptilian ones, but I make it work for me!). As a result, I often find myself pushing the boundaries when it comes to getting close to nature. I believe you will catch a glimpse of my “dinner companion” in this post. My backyard chipmunk has – of late – taken to brazenly lifting peanuts off my lap to store for winter. Usually she will stuff them in her pouches, but sometimes she will stay and chow down with me as I snack on unsalted nuts. Just a fun little share for the day!